Your next event will be sustainable

And you can't spell sustainable, without Brighter Events (don’t look it up, just trust us).

Everyone’s talking about it. As our sister company, Clarity, have discovered in the last month or so, everyone has an opinion on how you can be sustainable, but sometimes it feels better when someone else does the heavy lifting. 

We’ll be honest. We’re not the type to start protesting in the streets to get people to recycle more, or stop using TVs (We’re really busy planning and delivering top-notch events). 

We do, however, have some great partners who are doing amazing things to ensure that they are sustainable. Meaning, that when you book your next event, meeting, or conference with Brighter Events, you’re also saving the planet. You’re like a proper superhero. Well done you! 

We’ve put together a few simple tips to help make your next event, a sustainable one. So sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

No single use plastic

Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Use proper cutlery, or even the type that is recyclable if you don’t fancy washing up. Also, try not to give out freebies that are wrapped in tons of plastic. It’s bad for the environment and will most likely end up being left over after the event when the attendee realises they are too old for a fidget spinner. 

There’s a bin for that

Make sure you have clearly labelled recycling bins around the venue. People won’t go out of their way to recycle at an event, unless it’s a dull one. In that case, they’ll be glad for the distraction. 

Don’t waste your food! 

Implement a no food waste policy at your event. Make use of your leftovers and be creative. For example, use leftover bread on a panini station. Incorporate unused fruit and veg into a salad. You don’t have to be Heston Blumenthal, but it helps to think ahead. 

Waste not, want not

The unwritten rule of any event is that things get left behind. It’s inevitable. Instead of binning them, donate them to the less fortunate. Old coasts are a must-have for the homeless, especially with the winter months approaching. 

You can also create amenity kits for the homeless and refugees, which will make a big difference. 

If you’re unsure, ask our team how we can make your next meeting or event a Brighter, and more sustainable, one.  


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