We’re Brighter, a full-service events agency. For over 10 years, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading organisations and best-known brands to shine.
As more of our day-to-day interactions and customer touchpoints go online, your live events are now more special, and valuable, than ever. And you only get one shot to do it right. 

So, don’t do dull.



Every event is unique. So, we use our industry leading expertise in sourcing venues and bringing together the Brightest teams of strategists, creatives, content gurus, digital brains and logistics wizards to bring your vision to life. 

Every Brighter event is guided by our three core beliefs:
An event should be greater than the sum of its parts. And every part of a Brighter event is scrutinised, selected, honed and crafted to align with your strategic aims and objectives.
Align with your
aims and
Being ‘okay’ is not okay. And good is never good enough. No matter what the budget, a brighter event has to be brilliant and blow your audience away… which brings us to…
Blow your
audience away
That couple of hours/day/weekend or incentive in the life of your colleagues or clients has to stay with them for a lifetime*
*Obviously, a terrible hotel and food poisoning from the buffet can be pretty memorable too. But we make things memorable for the right reasons.
Life long


The proof is in the pudding. Here's our recipe. 


Booked Events, Conferences, and Meetings




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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” 
These are our leaders. 

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Meet Paul.

Paul’s the Director of Events and has spent more than 25 years in the industry, specialising in logisitics, incentives, and motivation, but production is where he really comes to life.

Paul is the brightest showman, and lives for the live events. Sat at the production desk with the team making sure that the magic never stops. It’s a mile a minute, but it’s where he feels most comfortable.

We asked Paul for his favourite memory, and he said:

“Besides meeting the Queen (for obvious reasons), it will be the time I met a young Ed Sheeran before he made it big. He was a guest performer on one of our events (he almost didn’t make it past security), but from the moment he appeared on stage you knew he was destined for great things.”

We also asked Paul for his favourite event, with a cheeky smile he says:

“A succesful one.”

Head of Brighter Events

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Meet Claire.

Claire’s been working in the travel and events industry for more than 29 years. From travel agencies and tour operators to sports travel, conference and events, and logistics.

She loves the incentives side of events, helping businesses find new and exciting ways to reward their employees with once in a lifetime experiences, but logistics is what really makes her tick. Making sure the various elements of an event come together to create something incredible is what she’s about.

We asked Claire, what her best events memory is and she said:

“Meeting the Queen and Prince Philip at a celebratory lunch her team laid on as part of her Golden Jubilee tour in 2012.”

We also asked Claire what her favourite event was, here’s what she came up with:

“The first outdoor concert I was involved with. It was held at a football stadium and space and facilities were limited, so we pitched in and built everything from scratch. From pitch covering, spectator stands, building the stage and sound system (after ensuring we wouldn’t be disturbing any of the local bats!). We even built an artists village on the street with motorhomes, marquees and catering trucks. It made me realise what can be done with a little bit of imagination and an incredible team around you.”
Andrea Hayward
Operations Manager

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Meet Andrea.

With over 25 years within the travel and events industry, she’s one of the brightest members of our management team. Starting her career as a travel consultant, before moving into roles in reservations and commercial, she soon moved into the meeting and events sector and has never looked back.

She loves the operational side of meetings and events and credits her amazingly creative team, as her muse.

“I’m so lucky to work with this team. Their dedication, passion, and creativity drives me everyday”

We asked Andrea what her best memory of events is, she said:

“In 2018, I was fortunate enough to win an award at Clarity during our annual staff conference and awards event. It really encouraged me to keep challenging myself and I’m proud to say that my individual win was followed up a year later with a team win, which was all the more special.”

We then asked Andrea what her favourite event was, she shook her head and said:

“How can you top that?”

We can’t. Great work Andrea!
Team Manager

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Meet Jo.

She’s worked in the travel and events industry for over 8 years, specialising in corporate events, festivals, live music, incentive travel, and award ceremonies.

We asked Jo which area of meetings and events she enjoyed the most, she couldn’t narrow it down to one so we allowed her to break the rules and give us her top 3. This is what she said:

Incentive Trips. She said:

“It’s great to be able to put together an exciting itinerary that really rewards and recognises key employees in companies and showcases the best that a destination can offer!”

Incentives was closely followed by venue finding, because:

“you can come up with something different that turns a good event, into a great one.”

But the number one slot goes to creative:

“Being able to come up with bespoke and creative solutions to really get everyone excited and pre-engaged before an event! From website design to teaser boxes, it’s great to begin to see the event come to life before it’s even started!”

We asked Jo what her best events memory was, she said:

“Hosting a private dining event at the Danube Tower in Vienna with fantastic views across the city”

We then asked what her favourite event was, she said:

“A private chartered cruise ship for one of our long-lasting clients that visits key spots along the Mediterranean – we get to showcase some of the best the area has to offer and make sure we have different themes every night that really got people interacting and engaged!”
Team Manager

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Meet Lorna.

She’s been in the travel and events industry for over 7 years, starting in online support before moving into events.

She loves the travel and logistics side of events, taking great pride and satisfaction in making sure that everyone gets booked and safely to an event. She enjoys booking air charters and private carriages on trains for companies looking to start their event off in the right way.

She is also a big fan of leisure and incentive travel, as its:

“…all about fun and enjoyment! Getting to take someone’s idea of where they want to go or do and provide them with something better than they imagined.”

We asked Lorna what her favourite memory of travel is, she said:

“It has to be our staff conference and awards. Not only do we get to showcase our ability to the rest of the business, but we also get to give them an event they won’t forget! It also helped that our team was recognised at the awards with our very own trophy!”

We also asked Lorna to tell us about her favourite event. This is what she said:

“I attended an Event in Abu Dhabi where everything from pick up at airport to dinners and event activities were ran so smoothly! Seeing everything come together and getting to experience Abu Dhabi was great.”


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In business it’s good to be well connected.

And in business travel, good connections count for even more; ensuring the safety and security of colleagues and delegates and helping you to secure the best possible rates.

As part of the Portman Travel Group, Brighter Events’ connection with Clarity Business Travel gives us access to the expertise, supplier relations and buying power of one of the UK’s leading travel management companies. Which is nice.
We're well